Ben Langley

A talented comic performer and actor.

A quirky and cute act who has honed his skills from working audiences on the tough cobble stones of London’s Covent Garden and now never ceases to amaze and charm audiences in theatres across the country.

An accomplished pantomime funny man who has delighted family audiences for the last fifteen years.

Writer, director and creator of the critically acclaimed "Ha Ha…!" Series of theatre shows.

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An established pantomime comic, Ben has appeared in fourteen, this year he celebrates his fifteenth by taking the role of Starkey in Peter Pan at The Norwich Theatre Royal.

He’s worked extensively in theatre as both an actor and performer with credits too many to mention that include being cast in Franco Zefirelli’s Il Pagliacci at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden .

Ben owes much of his performance ability to eighteen years of street performing on the tough cobblestones of Covent Garden.

He spent the summer of 2012 performing in the world famous Cromer Seaside Special Variety Show, proudly the only show left of its kind running for eighteen weeks from June to October which is produced by Openwide Coastal Ltd. He is also part of the creative team and proudly writes most comedy sketches for both Summer and Christmas shows. He will make a return visit in this year’s show from June, premiering a comedy upside down straight jacket escape.

He was the support act for Joe Pasquale and top ventriloquist Paul Zerdin for two years .

Ben writes, directs and performs in the critically acclaimed ‘Ha Ha…!’ shows, ‘Ha Ha Hamlet!’, ‘Ha Ha Hitler!’, ‘Ha Ha Holmes!’ and ‘Ha Ha Hood!’ have all embarked on five star national tours and have starred Joe Pasquale, Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball.

The Diary

Ben has just appeared in an episode of ‘The Detectorists’ which was written by, directed by and starred Mackenzie Crook.

Transmission date 30th October. Available on BBC iplayer.

Ben’s fifth play ‘Ha Ha Hood!’ Prince of Leaves has been on tour since August 19th. It stars Su Pollard, Andy Pickering and Cannon and Ball. After sixty-eight one-nighters the last show will be at The Buxton Opera House on November 17th.
Ben will be playing the role of Starkey in Peter Pan this christmas.
Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, Norfolk

December 18th 2014 – January 18th 2015.

Back to Covent Garden for the February half term for performances on the West Piazza and North Hall spaces.

Covent Garden, London
February 15th – 22nd 2015

Ben returns with his street act to The Kultur Pur Festival in Seigen Germany. This is his fifth visit to the festival in the woods.

Seigen, Germany
May 23rd – 25th 2015

Ben proudly returns to Britain’s most famous seaside variety show to premier his all new comedy straight jacket escape routine while suspended upside-down above the audience.

The Cromer Pavilion Theatre, Cromer, Norfolk
June 20th – September 20th 2015

The Press

The man who ignites the show is physical comedian Ben Langley. It’s hard to believe a man could generate such hilarity by pulling a rubber glove over his head and inflating it to beach-ball proportions. But it’s not so much what he does as the way he does it. Honed by 18 years of street performance in Covent Garden, Langley has that rare edge of barely contained anarchy that creates laughter from tension.

Well, Ben Langley has been street entertaining in Covent Garden for the last 17 years now, and it’s taught him some priceless lessons in working an audience and making his humour interactive. You simply can’t buy something like that. And Ben hasn’t wasted the skills he has learned. When he wasn’t street entertaining he was appearing in panto – and when it wasn’t panto season he started to put pen to paper and write his own comedy scripts.

Topping the bill, busking king and actor Ben Langley is cute, clever and quirky as ever. His big-booted funny walk, ukulele balancing act and dustbin routine are a scream.

Ben Langley is the ideal panto comic, one of the best I’ve ever seen, and how the audience loved him. A terrific performer.

Ben Langley crackles with energy as he lights up the stage, utterly loveable, zany and talented he weaves a silver thread of magic, making audience contact immediately.”

Ben Langley knows how to work a crowd – no matter how small it is – thanks to years of practice drumming up interest on the streets around Covent Garden.

Ben Langley is a well known panto star and has been a Covent Garden street performer for 17 years. He is the writer, director and driving force of the Ha Ha Boys and apart from producing some witty scripts he also has that ability to make audiences laugh as soon as he walks on stage – something Tommy Cooper had and, closer to home, Alan Briscoe of Dandy.


Filmed at The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil while supporting The Paul Zerdin Spongefest Tour.


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